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About Me


Welcome to my little slice of the internet!

My name is Terra Lee.  I am a stay at home momma to my four beautiful children and I love it! When I’m not changing diapers or cleaning my house you can find me painting (my house), sewing just about anything, and yes, I’ll admit, sometimes catching up on my favorite tv shows.

I married my tall, dark and handsome when I was nineteen. We met at college and I knew very quickly that he was the one for me:) We were married right before Christmas…I know, why did we do that to our mothers?!!….and began our lives together in a little Condo that we happily called home.

Just short of a year later, we were blessed with an adorable baby son. Over time, we added three sweet girls to our family.

We have now been married ten beautiful years in which we have continued to grow individually and together as a couple.

My love of clothes started as a young girl. I would often draw and design dresses on scratch paper. I self taught myself how to sew when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  I am constantly pushing myself to expand my knowledge and to try new things to improve my skills.

After buying our first house, my love of design started to expand towards interior decorating. I’ve realized whether through fashion or decorating it doesn’t matter–my brain just needs to consistently design things then create them!

I started Hello Happy Place as my creative outlet and to hopefully, help inspire others. I’m a believer that our “Happy Place” should be within ourselves wherever we are. We may not feel beautiful everyday and our house may not be magazine worthy in appearance but that’s okay! It doesn’t have to be. However, we can discover elements of those things. For me, I feel more beautiful when I curl my hair….so I do it A LOT.  My home? Well, that obviously involves having my family around me first and foremost, but after that, I enjoy decorating for holidays and setting pretty tables. I enjoy hanging pictures of those I love on my walls and baking fresh rolls in the oven. And when I do get around to organizing? Well, that might just put a big smile on my face and a fist bump to my imginary double 😉

My promise to you is that I’ll always keep it real. I may angle my pictures sometimes to hide my messy rooms (because let’s face it, we all enjoy seeing Pinterest worthy pictures right?) BUT….. my voice is real. My life is real same as yours. Many of my struggles may be the same as yours.  I’m trying to be a kind person, a loving and caring mother, an attentive wife and a creative blogger. Some days I succeed and others I fall short but our lives aren’t made up in one day, so thankfully we get to keep getting back up and trying again! So there it is. My confession. I hope I didn’t scare you away! This lady is blogging in a messy house- what?! But that’s because I live a real life in a real home. With kids 🙂

I hope you’ll decide to take this journey with with me! I’d love to get to know you!

Be happy and love your life!