Blogger Series: 10 Days of Christmas Inspiration (Day 1- Copper + Rustic Table with Gingerbread theme)

Hello everyone! Welcome! I am hosting a blogger series called “Ten Days of Christmas Inspiration” and I get to start it off today! So grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate, put your feet up and enjoy your look around 🙂

I love gingerbread things. Like REALLY love them. But…..not to eat. For decoration purposes only ha ha. I also love the greenery and rustic trend going on right now and of course the copper. I put them all together and came up with this fun tablescape! My kids loved it. A gingerbread house for the centerpiece? Heck ya.  They wanted to eat dinner at the table right away (and eat the centerpiece too!).

The gingerbread house I bought at my local department store and saved out the candies for my kids. I used white frosting only and sprinkled with white glittery sprinkles. The house is sitting on a cake stand which is sitting on a marble cutting board. I wrapped the greenery around the cake stand and then down the middle of each side of the table.

These coasters are so fun! I bought the tree slices from Hobby Lobby and painted chalkboard circles on them. They add such a fun rustic vibe to the table and the names can be changed anytime! You can find a tutorial to make them at the bottom of this post.

These napkin rings were so easy to make and they cost very little. I wanted to combine the copper and greenery together and these did it perfectly. The white cloth napkins rolled inside was the perfect finishing touch.  You can find a tutorial to make these at the end of this post.

I just love the copper silverware! I thought I was dreaming when I found them at Hobby Lobby for only $7.50 a set. They add such elegance to the table. My husband rolled his eyes when I told him that “even-though-the-package-says-they-can-go-in-dishwasher-please-wash-them-by-hand-just-incase.” Ooops, hope I’m not too crazy of a wife *blush* 😉

The copper cookie cutters and whisk were also at Hobby Lobby. I sprinkled a little powder sugar on the table and then placed them on top. Such a fun and inexpensive table decoration.

So what do you think? Are you a copper fan?

Here is the promised tutorial for the copper napkin holders. They really are super quick to make and can be used over and over again!

  1. You need copper wire. I found mine at Hobby Lobby in the jewelery section. It is nomally $3.99 per package but if you use a coupon it’s cheaper!
  2. Using an inexpensive garland, use pliers to snip off a few small pieces.
  3. Cut small rectangle pieces of white felt. You will need a spice container or another similar shaped object. Also some twine cut in about 3-4 inch lengths.
  4. Wrap the wire around the spice container a few times, being careful to hold the beginning and end with your fingers. Cut to the length you want with pliers. Do NOT let go of the ends!!
  5. Gently slide it off the spice container making sure it is keeping it’s shape. Make sure the ends are both on the same side- if not, trim one side to match the other side.
  6. Take a small rectangle piece of felt and using your glue gun, put a dot of hot glue on one end.
  7. Put the felt (dot of hot glue side)  up to the copper wire making sure to get both ends in it.
  8. Wrap it around and glue the end. Trim if it’s too long. Place the twine around it and tie into a knot. Trim ends if needed.
  9. Now take another piece of white felt and place glue all along one side. Coming up from the middle of the ring, place it up on the wire making sure it’s on the opposite side of the felt and twine backing.
  10. Take your piece of cut greenery and place it down on the top of the ring. Gently press it down. The glue between the copper wires will adhere it onto the felt.
  11. Now repeat as many times as you want and enjoy!


Here is the tutorial for the rustic chalkboard coasters. They are so cute and you can change the names over and over again!

  1. I found my skinny cut log rings at Hobby lobby for $2.99 each (use coupons or buy when on sale!). They are in the unfinished wood craft items section. You can also cut your own log into slices if you want!
  2. Make a round stencil however you would like. I made mine out of vinyl with my silhouette cameo machine and then instead of pulling off the outside like you normally would- I pulled out the circle and left the rest. Then using it like a sticker, I placed it down on the wood. If you don’t have a vinyl machine, you could print off a circle on the computer and then carefully cut out the inside circle.
  3. Lay the tree slices out on newspaper with the circle stencil on top.
  4. Using a can of chalkboard spray paint, spray over them all. One coat was all mine needed.
  5. Pull off stencils.
  6. Taking a piece of chalk, put it on it’s side on top of the circle of chalkboard paint.
  7. Rub it back and forth a few times covering the whole chalkboard circle.
  8. Rub it all off.
  9. Now your chalkboard is seasoned and ready to go! Write your name or message on it and enjoy!


Well, that’s it! Thanks so much for stopping by! Make sure to check out Marianne tomorrow at You are gonna love what she has in store for you! I know I’ll be making one.

Here is the rest of the Blogger Series Schedule. You won’t want to miss it!

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Be happy, feel beautiful and enjoy this wondrous season full of love and joy.

Till next time!




  1. Tami | 4th Dec 17

    You popped up on my Pinterest account!!!!

  2. Lara | 4th Dec 17

    Love it!! Love all the copper touches

  3. Chantell | 4th Dec 17

    So cute Terra I love it!!!

  4. Tanya | 5th Dec 17

    I love the rustic coasters! Such a cute idea!

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