Cheap and Easy 10 Minute DIY XOXO Valentine Printable

Hello! I am so excited to show you today how to make this super cute cheap and easy DIY printable and it only takes 1o minutes to make! The best part?! You don’t need any kind of fancy software or know-how to do it. 

In microsoft word, type in XO throughout the whole page in your favorite font. Remember to start each row with X and end each row with O. Don’t worry if they aren’t totally centered on page.

Print them off using your regular 8.5″ x 11″ white computer paper. Place the backing down on the paper. This is where you can make the printable more centered. See how my backing has a larger white edge on bottom and none on top? It’s not a perfect formula but it’s close enough for me! 🙂 Using a pencil, trace around the sides.

When you lift off the backing you will see your traced lines. Cut it out. Place inside frame between glass and backing.

And wahlah! No photoshop needed, no fancy paper and no expensive cost. It would look so cute on a mantle or shelf.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial today! It goes to show that cute home decor doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Thanks for stopping by!

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