Heart Fenced Eggs for Your Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I am sharing with you an easy breakfast that you that your whole family will love! A few years ago my sister introduced me to “fenced eggs”. My family and I have been fans ever since. They are easy, quick and they taste SO good. Usually I use a circle cookie cutter but I got to thinking, how cute would a heart cut-out be for Valentine’s Day? So I tried it. All four of my kids loved the hearts and my two year old kept saying, “more hearts, more hearts!” I know we all want to be the “fun” holiday mom….well I’m helping you score some points and easy ones too (but the best part is-they don’t have to know that!) So let’s get started….

Butter BOTH sides of a slice of bread. You can use white or wheat- it doesn’t matter. Using a heart cookie cutter, press it down on bread. I did the wider part of the heart on the wider side of the bread. It really doesn’t matter as long as it stays inside the slice of bread outline…..you do NOT want it to go off edge of bread.  

Wiggle cookie cutter around a little till you can cleanly pull it away from slice of bread. Pull heart out from inside cookie cutter and set it to the side.

Set both hearts (the outside and inside bread) in a frying pan pre-heated to medium heat. Break an egg into the heart shape inside slice of bread. I like to break the yoke but you can leave it whole if you want. Salt and pepper egg. It’s fine if salt and pepper get on the bread.

Fry bread till it’s a golden brown color and then flip pieces to the other side.

Cook until that side is also a golden brown color.

That’s it! Eat while it’s warm and enjoy! Bacon is a perfect side for this meal (in my opinion bacon is a perfect side to almost ANY meal:)

Hope you enjoy impressing the ones you love and I’ll see you next time!

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