Quick and Easy Farmhouse Heart Garland for Valentine’s Day

Hello! I am really excited to share with you today how to make an easy heart garland for Valentine’s Day. Recently I started loving the current trend of wooden beads in farmhouse decor. Don’t know what I’m talking about? I used them in styling a picture in this post here. Anyways, I started thinking I would like something similar that was specifically for Valentine’s Day. It occured to me that hearts would be adorable for it ( I know, I know, I’m a genius;) ) and so I headed over to Hobby Lobby to see what I could find. Well….they did have hearts, but not what I had in mind. Then I found these cute babies on Amazon and I was sold (well, really they became sold, because I bought them… get it? Oh wow, I’m all kinds of funny today). Look at how cute they are! They already have pre-made holes in them and twine is included. Perfect. This will be a cinch.

First, get out the twine and unwind some, making sure it’s not tangled. Then, thread as many hearts on as you want. Some of the hearts are darker or lighter then the others so I paid attention as I was threading them on to mix it up so it looked very sporadic and no two look-alikes were together.

Using a hot glue gun, put a dab of glue on one side of the heart. You want the glue on the LEFT side of the heart when it’s FACING you.

You are going to touch the twine to the glue and hold for a few seconds till its dry.

Repeat for all the hearts. Make sure you are glueing on the SAME SIDE EACH TIME. From the front, you won’t see the glue.

This is why we glue the hearts on the twine. The glued hearts face forward so you see the front of the heart, while the hearts threaded with no glue are going to stay on the sides and they will slide around instead of staying put in their spot.

That’s it! Told you it was easy! No need to tie ends because the glue will keep the hearts from sliding off. Hang it on an old door, across a mantle, up the stairs or across a piece of furniture. The twine and raw wood will look so cute with your farmhouse decor wherever you decide to put it.

You can find the hearts I bought here:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Until next time,

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