Valentine’s Day Popcorn

I have three girls who love ALL things pink. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pull out all that pink for them….pink pancakes, pink cookies, pink punch and last but not least….pink popcorn:) Lucky for me and you, it’s super quick and easy to make.

I’m all about doing fun things for the holidays but I like them to be quick and easy to put together. Pink candy melts are both those things… makes the popcorn look cute but only takes a couple minutes in the microwave to melt. After it’s poured on the popcorn and stirred in, all you have left to do is throw in a few fun things such as a bag of red and pink M&M’s and maybe a few heart sprinkles. My husband didn’t like the heart sprinkles because he kept thinking he was getting an unpopped corn kernal, which I had to agree with, so I’d maybe keep those to a minimum (like just a few sprinkled on top). My other suggestion is to make into popcorn balls or divide into smaller bowls soon after making. Candy melts are made to harden back up again after they cool off so it becomes hard to grab a few with your hands after the popcorn has sat in the bowl for awhile. We just used a wooden spoon and broke it up into bits which worked too, as long as you are careful and don’t make half the bowl go flying in the air….not that I would know about that or anything…..

So since Valentine’s day is a holiday of love….this next story of mine will seem random but isn’t really isn’t so random…. after all, since you know, we ARE talking about Valentine themed popcorn right? 😉

When my daughters play that a girl and boy barbie are getting married, they always have them dance. I’m guessing because in princess and disney movies, they are often dancing together at the end….or at least I assume that’s where there interpretation is coming in. Anyhow, this past week my four year old daughter was talking to me about marriage and made a comment that I will someday marry dad. I told her that I already married her dad a long time ago. She gets this shocked look on her face and with wide eyes she said, “You mean you danced with daddy?!!”

You gotta love kids and the things they say. Sometimes I’d love to get in the brain of a child for a day and see things through their cute brains 🙂

Well, for the man out there that you want to “dance” with and for those funny kiddos, I hope you try out this popcorn and enjoy it with them.

Here is the recipe:

Valentine’s Day Popcorn

  • Large bowl of popped popcorn
  • 2 bags pink candy melts
  • Valentine themed bag of M&M’s
  • Heart sprinkles

In a medium sized bowl, dump candy melts in and microwave for one minute. Stir. Microwave in 30 second intervals till completely melted. Pour over a large bowl of popped popcorn. Stir. Pour M&M’s in and stir again. Shake a few heart sprinkles over top. Make into popcorn balls or dish up into smaller bowls. Enjoy!

Until next time!


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